OCC-CCCO Word Cloud


The Ontario College Counsellors (OCC/CCCO) is the committee representing all Counsellors in Ontario’s Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology. OCC/CCCO reports through the Student Access and Success Coordinating Committee to the Council of Presidents.

OCC/CCCO is a professional organization dating from the inception of the Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology system. Its purpose is to promote high standards of ethics and practice in college counselling services, to contribute to the professional development of OCC-CCCO members and to facilitate effective working relationships among members of OCC-CCCO and between college counselling services and other organizations.


Conseillers et conseillères des collèges de l’Ontario (OCC/CCCO) est le comité représentant tous les conseillers et conseillères des collèges d’arts appliqués et de technologie de l’Ontario. OCC/CCCO est responsable devant le Conseil des présidents, par l’intermédiaire du le comité de co-ordination de l’accès et du succès des étudiants.

OCC/CCCO est un organisme professionnel dont l’origine remonte à la création du réseau des collèges d’arts appliqués et de technologie de l’Ontario. Il a pour objet de promouvoir des normes élevées d’éthique et de pratique dans les services de counselling des collèges, de contribuer au perfectionnement professionnel de ses membres et de faciliter les relations de travail efficaces parmi ses membres et entre les services de counselling des collèges et d’autres organismes.

College Counsellors are…

Expert partners in the safety, wellbeing and success of students, who are our next generation of employees, community leaders and change agents.


…are committed and passionate student advocates throughout the student experience, including expertise with college-specific challenges and cycles;

…partner with and support faculty and administration to provide relief and coaching;

…provide help and comfort to students in a safe, confidential environment;

…empower students to find resilience and strength;

…instill hope and a sense of belonging;

…facilitate opportunities for transformation and brighter futures, including increased graduation rates and greater economic and social prosperity.

 Lives saved, changed and transformed through counselling means leads to students who become successful alumni and thriving citizens.


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