Racial Battle Fatigue: Shift Your Campus Culture to Better Support Students, Faculty & Staff of Colour

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Wednesday, July 26th • 2-3:30 pm (ET)

Your students, faculty and staff members of color are counting on you to provide them with the support they need to avoid experiencing Racial Battle Fatigue. For many people of color, persistent and degrading racial micoaggressions have taken a physical, psychological and emotional toll. Manifesting as fatigue, generalized anxiety, stress and a myriad of other ills, Racial Battle Fatigue is a very real problem for not only students at predominately white institutions, but for faculty and staff of color, as well.

Join us on July 26, 2017 with experts Dr. Kathy Obear and Dr. Tanya Williams and in just 90 minutes, you’ll learn how to help shift the culture on your campus so you can better support racially marginalized groups and challenge racism on your campus.

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Learning Outcomes

This live event will include the following topics: 

  • The ways that Racial Battle Fatigue impacts people marginalized by racism. Intervene and learn ways to support so your students, faculty and staff don’t continue to experience the physical, psychological and emotional toll that racial micro aggressions can cause.
  • Liberatory strategies that support marginalized students, faculty and staff of color on your campus — shift the institutional culture to lessen the impact of Racial Battle Fatigue in your community. 
  • The ways that white colleagues can ally with People of Color to lessen the impact of racism — recognize unearned privilege, take responsibility for changing societal patterns and better support minority groups on your campus. 
  • Strategies for creating organizational change to create greater racial justice and to minimize Racial Battle Fatigue.

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