Post-Secondary Teleconference

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From: Jeremy Greenberg [] Sent: January-31-17 4:22 PM

Hi Post-Secondary Counsellors,

I am emailing to invite you to a teleconference call about Post-Secondary Counselling Outcome Measures on Tuesday March 7, 2017.

The call will be guided by these 5 questions below:

  1. What outcome measures are currently-commonly being used, or have been planned, at your institutions and across Canada?
  2. How we can use outcome measures to improve counselling?
  3. How can outcome measures be used to manage client flow?
  4. How can we help counseling colleagues who may perceive outcome measure as a barrier?
  5. Is there interest in a national normative data base about the most common measures?

If you are interested in participating please call 1.855.238.3698 pin 64113 on

Tuesday March 7th at your time zoned time below:

PST 10 a.m. MST 11 a.m. CST 12 p.m. EST 1 p.m.

AST 2 p.m. NST 2:30 p.m.


Hope to hear you then.


Jeremy Greenberg, Psychotherapist – Counsellor Student Mental Health Services UOIT

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