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Key Strategies for Helping Hostile and Avoidant Couples

Boost your competence and confidence working with angry and conflict-avoidant couples with Dr. Ellyn Bader

Working with couples can be both exciting and challenging. The excitement comes from the intensity of working with both the complex intrapsychic problems of the individuals and the interpersonal dynamics of the couple.

But the challenges involved in working with highly conflicted and conflict avoidant couples can be daunting.

You Can Become a Skilled Couples Therapist with Proper Training

Here is what you will learn in this FREE online training:

  •  5 Persistent Problems of Hostile Couples and How to Deal with Them
  • How to Manage First Sessions with High-Conflict and Conflict-Avoidant Couples
  • How to Set Limits with Fighting Couples and Engage Avoidant Couples so that therapy is effective


Get it now – It’s FREE

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