2 Scott Miller Workshops: How to Improve Therapeutic Skills and Outcomes

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Therapeutic alliance is widely recognized as the crucial component to therapeutic success however, you need to know these two important details: 
  1. The client’s view of the alliance is consistently found to be a better predictor of counselling outcome.
  2. The counsellor’s view of the alliances frequently does NOT correlate with the views of the client
Scott Miller’s upcoming workshops: 
FIT will help you develop organizational structures and procedures to collect feedback from your clients on an ongoing basis and to enable your organization to be responsive while improving. REACH will help you integrate feedback-informed strategies in the delivery of therapy so that you get the information you need to achieve better outcomes.
Please click on the titles above for full workshop descriptions or visit www.leadingedgeseminars.org for our full Spring 2016 Series.


Angela Szeto
Leading Edge Seminars

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