Day: April 19, 2016

Eye Movement Integration Level 1 & 2

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EMI Level II

Brampton on May 28th and 29th, 2016
St. Leonards’s Place Peel
1105 Queen Street
Level II training won’t be offered any where close or soon in the near future.  I have included an overview of Level II if you are interested.

More INFO: EMI Level II

Please Contact:

Pam Champagne  MSW, RSW, Therapist, Champagne & Associates

32 Elliott Street, Brampton, ON  L6Y 1W1
Tel: 905-450-0590 (Confidential Voicemail)

AEDP 5 Day Immersion

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This course is intended for clinicians interested in AEDP as a healing-oriented, transformation-based therapeutic model, in its transformational theory and phenomenology, and in exploring AEDP’s unique contributions to the treatment of attachment trauma. We also seek to undo the clinician’s aloneness by working to foster a vibrant community of like-minded and like-hearted others.

Spend 5 Transformational Days

with founder and developer of AEDP


And members of the AEDP Institute Faculty


What You Can Expect From The Immersion Course:
  • Learn how to put into practice cutting-edge applications of TRANSFORMATIONAL THEORY in the treatment of attachment trauma.
  • Diana Fosha takes you through CLINICAL VIDEOS that make AEDP come to life.
  • EXPERIENTIAL EXERCISES give you a felt-sense of how body, brain, psyche and human connection intertwine.
  • Learn to unleash DEEP, EMOTIONAL CHANGE and HEAL attachment TRAUMA.

“The AEDP Immersion course helped me develop the confidence and skills to accompany my patients into the darkest places and to find there the light of their resilience, strength, and courage.”
—Susan Hazlett, PhD