Walking Through Grief – Helping Others Deal with Loss

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Walking Through Grief – Helping Others Deal with Loss

Ottawa: April 6, 2016 (early rate deadline March 16)

Toronto: April 7, 2016 (early rate deadline March 17)

London: April 13, 2016 (early rate deadline March 23)

This workshop is designed to give helpers an increased awareness of the dynamics of grief and to provide tools and strategies to best support someone who is grieving.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Types of Grief and Loss
  • The Myth of “Normal Grief”
  • Understanding the Complexities of Grief and Loss
  • Working with Adults, Children/Youth, Families and Communities
  • Specific Strategies and Approaches to Grief

Unable to attend? Join the live webinar

April 8, from 1 pm – 2 pm (CST)

Early Rate $198; Regular Rate $220

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